Case Studies

AXTON lighting products have been selected by the most discriminating end-users and large-scale integrators. Designed and manufactured in the USA, our lights have been deployed at military installations, critical infrastructure sites, colleges, cities, and by various law-enforcement agencies. We closely work with our clients to deliver the solution that meets or exceeds their requirements.


AXTON IR illuminators, Vancouver

AXTON Lights have been used to upgrade Vancouver’s road cameras.

Transportation agencies are trusting AXTON IR illuminators to be both reliable and cost effective. Road conditions in the Vancouver area are often foggy and misty infrared light greatly increases the cameras visibility in these conditions. Of all the AXTON lights used for this project not a single unit has malfunctioned yet, if one did our advanced replacement policy would send a replacement unit prior to getting the old unit back. AXTON’S advance replacement policy offers added security and reduced costs, since the replacement is fast and the old unit can be removed as the new is installed.

Dubai City

AXTON Lights have been deployed throughout Dubai to aid the Dubai Police to monitor traffic on city roads.

Over 200 systems featuring Avigilon 3MP cameras coupled with AXTON lights have been deployed, with many more on the way. Similar systems being deployed in large cities across the globe as a part of a “Safe City” or “Smart City” projects.


Public Road and Highway Monitoring

To monitor remote stretches of roads, Nebraska Department of Roads uses AXTON IR illuminators with their cameras to get quality nighttime images. AXTON IR illuminators were selected for their reliability, performance and energy efficiency. AXTON’s IR illuminators require no maintenance and come with a lifetime warranty with advanced replacement, reducing operational and maintenance costs.

Critical Infrastructure

Santa Margarita & Padre Dam Municipal Water Districts

Because protecting city water supplies is as important as protecting power substations or nuclear plants, they are a critical infrastructure site and all water supply reservoirs are monitored by cameras around the clock. Often reservoirs are located in remote locations where there are no city or road lights that might aid the nighttime performance of cameras. Many California water districts couple their already installed cameras with AXTON IR illuminators to get better picture quality in low or absent light. They select AXTON illuminators for their performance, reliability and energy efficiency since many remote sites rely on solar power.

Power Substations Perimeter Protection

The CIP-014 Electric Infrastructure Protection standard was adopted in mid-2014 requiring the bulk energy providers in the US to ensure cyber and physical perimeter security on all of its substations. Our HYBRID Series Lights, featuring IR and event driven visible light in one unit, are used for substation perimeter protection in over 1000 location across the US.

Nuclear Power Plant

Monitoring Critical Areas

To protect the nuclear power plants, oil & gas, and renewable energy facilities, our client, a servicing and management company, selected AXTON lights to be deployed at their facilities world-wide. For confidentiality reason specific locations are not disclosed.

Police & Law Enforcement

Covert Surveillance, 940nm IR

Though some IR illuminators on the market claimed to be invisible, they are not. Having background in military systems, we at AXTON, understand how it is important to have truly covert lighting when it needed. That’s why AXTON 940nm lights are truly invisible and often specified by FBI, US Marshals and other state and federal law enforcement agencies for their applications. AXTON 940nm lights have been used in various systems and surveillance projects, including remote surveillance by DEA, covert surveillance vehicles for FBI, bait car operations, and many others

Public Safety

As many other law enforcement agencies across the country, Westchester PD uses AXTON IR illuminators in public places, such as parks, squares and government buildings. In addition to superior performance and reliability, AXTON illuminators have a compact design and blend unobtrusively with surrounding environments.

Nighttime Surveillance

The Lea County Emergency Management building required nighttime surveillance with extended coverage but had limited mounting locations. The Panoramic’s extended coverage in single easy to mount units provided an effective solution. Additionally, virtually invisible infrared light causes no light pollution in urban communities.


Emergency and Special Operations

Pennsylvania State Police Bureau of Emergency and Special Operations use AXTON IR illuminators for covert surveillance, special operations, and counter drug related activities. Many officers in the force had prior military experience where they used AXTON IR illuminators for critical mission support, their military experience with AXTON IR translating into a useful skill in their current positions.

Military & Government Agencies

Special Forces

Once again AXTON lights have be chosen by the most discriminating professionals to be deployed on off-road vehicles for Special Forces Ops to aid night driving. The truly covert 940nm lights provide superior wide angle lighting for nighttime off-road driving using night vision goggles, while not exposing the unit. AXTON lights are completely sealed against dust and moisture making them dependable even in the worst conditions. The rugged construction also allows the lights to withstand even the most severe vibration associated with off-road driving conditions.

AXTON illuminators are used on ocean patrol boats because they are dependable in even the harshest environments.

A Marine environment will test the limits of even the toughest equipment. US Fish & Wildlife department installed AXTON IR illuminators on its patrol boats in the State of Washington. AXTON’s lifetime warranty covers even the most rugged installations to provide many years of reliable performance.

The NCIS has selected AXTON IR lights for its superior performance and reliability to be deployed at various location across the USA. Manufactured in Salt Lake City, USA and covered by a lifetime warranty, AXTON products are the top choice for deployments where failure is not an option.


The US Army relies on AXTON’s fully covert IR illuminators to aid soldiers in training and performing nighttime missions utilizing the latest night vision technologies. AXTON lights regularly used by many branches of the US military for night missions or to secure its facilities in US and abroad, including the “green” zone in Baghdad, and the Navy Seals facilities in Afghanistan.

Industrial Applications/ Machine Vision


Aiding the performance of machine vision cameras.

While most IR illuminators used with security cameras, AXTON lights have been used to aid the performance of machine vision cameras used for quality control in manufacturing, die casting, mining and many other fields. AXTON lights performed well in heavily industrial environments, where any other non-specialized equipment would fail due to excessive vibration, high temperatures, humidity and other elements.


Their compact, yet rugged design makes AXTON lights the ideal solution for industrial applications.

AXTON lights coupled with specialty cameras (Machine Vision) keep track of the manufacturing process in poorly lit areas. The lights perform extremely well in the hostile industrial environment of corrosive dust, moisture, vibration and impacts.

Medical Field

Super compact NANO IR has proved to be an effective illumination solution for hospital rooms.

Nano’s compact frame and invisible (940nm) infrared does not disturb sleeping patients and provides sufficient lighting for in-room patient monitoring cameras.
AXTON IR illuminators have been used in hospitals for the prevention of maternal filicide (Children’s National Medical Center), epilepsy diagnostics, sleep apnea studies and IR wavelength therapy.

monitoring and building security

AXTON Smart Series IR selected to provide uninterrupted patient monitoring and building security.

AXTON IR illuminators were selected by John Hopkins Hospital, a leading US medical institution, to provide uninterrupted patient monitoring and building security. John Hopkins Hospital relies on AXTON lighting products for superior performance and dependability. In addition, AXTON lights have a simple clean design that blend easily with any environment.


Entertainment & Leisure

Visitor Security & Safety

With a tremendous number of visitors every year, Disney must ensure visitor safety and security while in the park or on rides without making them feel watched. They use AXTON NANO Series IR illuminators on many rides for its compact size, low-profile design and excellent performance.

Sony uses AXTON IR to capture testing audiences responses during movie premiers.

Movie studios conduct closed movie premier screenings for target audiences to get the audience feedback. Sony Pictures Entertainment has been using AXTON IR for many years to capture the audiences responses on video cameras in the dark theater environment.

Retail & General Security Applications

CANON chose AXTON IR illuminators to demonstrate the performance of CANON IR Sensitive cameras.

After comparing a few IR illumination solutions, CANON chose AXTON Smart Series IR illuminators for use with their super sensitive IR cameras. The Illuminators are used to demonstrates the performance of CANON cameras in very low-light environments.

AXTON Nano IR with its simple installation yet wide coverage was chosen for cell phone companies retail stores.

Low profile NANO lights are simple to install in a drop ceilings or a walls, a single light providing 2000 to 4700 square feet of IR coverage. That’s why NANO LOW-PROFILE was selected as an IR illumination solution by a leading European mobile service providers for their retail locations in Italy.

When only the best will do, AXTON products often come into a spotlight for their high performance and reliability.

Many VIP projects around the world request AXTON lighting for their place of work or home. Due to NDA agreements, and not to compromise the location, we are unable to share the specifics.


AXTON Illuminators provide compact, wide coverage security lighting.

AXTON NANO Low Profile lights ideal solution for large indoor spaces, such as distribution warehouses and data centers. Depending on the light, it covers from 2000-4700 sq.ft of space. The Low profile design easily blends with the surrounding environment.

Many Interactive Installation Design Firms use AXTON IR to provide uniform illumination.

Interactive installations and displays heavily rely on infrared lights to provide uniform area illumination. Many interactive installation design firms use AXTON IR to provide even illumination along with high performance, reliability and longevity.


Dubai City

AXTON lights aid the performance of the cameras installed on mining trucks for added operation safety.

At night drivers have limited visibility ahead and around the vehicle due to dusty/foggy conditions making them prone to accidents. Cameras with AXTON IR lights installed on mining trucks increase driver’s acuity and help them avoid accidents. AXTON lights, once again, have been chosen for their reliability, ruggedness and superior performance.