FAQs & Helpful Tips

A video surveillance system has to be functional 24 hours a day in order to aid in the prevention of crime and the perpetrators prosecution. While designing a security system, it is important to consider lighting conditions as a factor that significantly affects camera image quality. Poor lighting conditions can compromise an entire system. Adding […]

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The Light Spectrum

We can see the world around us because objects reflect light that our eyes can see and interpret as images. Light is electromagnetic radiation ranging from ultra-violet to the far infrared. The human eye only sees a portion of the full light spectrum, from about 400nm to 700nm.

Infrared Light

At night or in other low light conditions 400-700nm light is lacking. Although humans cannot see infrared light beyond 700nm wavelength, camera sensors can.  Adding 850nm infrared light to a scene significantly improves the cameras performance in low light. Think of it as a flash-light for cameras.

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Special Product Design

We have full control over R&D and Manufacturing process. All Products are designed and manufactured from the ground up in Salt Lake City, UT, USA. Should your application requirements be outside of our standard product line capabilities to the core, we’d be glad to suggest a custom solution for your project. Please do not hesitate […]

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Planning Your Project

Match the Light & Camera

Even though additional lighting can significantly improve the performance of your surveillance system in low light, to get the best results you need to properly match lighting to the camera, and place it at the best possible location at the scene.

Lighting Plan Design

Contact us with your project details and our lighting design team will advise you on the best equipment to use for your project and provide a lighting layout design for your site to achieve the desired performance and budget. Questions? If you are not sure of your cameras capabilities or have other questions about the […]

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